MSK Ultrasound of the Hand + Wet Lab



MSK Ultrasound of the Hand + Wet Lab

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Course Highlights

  • Guided Tour at the Cadaver Lab – Gross Anatomy of the Forearm
  • Forgotten Muscle Anatomy and Anatomical Variants
  • Traumatic Disorders of Forearm Rotation, Forearm Instability and Interosseous Membrane
  • Ligaments and Tendons Disorders – Lateral and Medial Elbow Ligaments, Flexor, and Extensor Origins, Proximal Intersection Syndrome
  • Forearm Nerve Disorders – Supinator Muscle and Posterior Interosseous Neuropathy, Anterior Interosseous Syndrome, Superficial Cutaneous Nerves
  • Proximal Radioulnar Joint and Distal Biceps Tendon
  • Distal Radioulnar Joint and the Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex – Guided Dissection and MR Imaging Anatomy
  • Distal Radioulnar Joint and Ulnar-sided Wirst Disorders
  • Tendons and Retinacula over the Ventral Wrist
  • Carpal Tunner and Guyon Canal
  • Gross Anatomy of the Ventral Wrist
  • Surgical and Percutaneous Techniques for Carpal Tunner Release – Postoperative Median Nerve
  • Injections and Percutaneous Carpal Tunner Release at the Cadaver Lab
  • Tendons and Retinacula over the Dorsal Wrist
  • Ligaments, Bone, and Joints – Overview on Traumatic, Degenerative, and Rheumatological Conditions, Crystal Deposition Diseases, Occult Fractures
  • Palmar and Dorsal Aspect of the Hand
  • Fingers and Thumb
  • Gross Anatomy of the Hand and Fingers
  • Injection Techniques and Percutaneous Release for deQuervain Disease and Trigger Finger
  • Surgical Repair for Flexor Tendon Tears – Postoperative Flexor Tendon
  • Soft-tissue Masses in the Wrist, Hand, and Fingers
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Theoretical - 12.5
Practical - 6
Wet Lab - 5
Total - 23.5

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Morning snacks, lunch, and afternoon snacks are provided each day.

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Individual: USD 2,900
Group (min. of 5): Price upon request

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